Sunday, April 1, 2012

The G and E Chronicles #1

This week G and I read Stuart Little.  This is the longest book we have read up til this point.  G loved the story and was able to follow along quite well.  He never wanted to stop reading of his own accord.  G's review is "I liked it! Make sure you give it 5 stars." (He needs to learn our new rating system.)

As for my point of view I found it interesting reading a book I hadn't read since early childhood.  The story is a lot choppier than I remember.  It is appropriate for a 4 year old though the vocabulary is a little advanced.  I don't see that as a drawback but a learning opportunity.  G was still able to become involved in the story and would ask when he didn't understand.  My rating: SmileySmileySmiley

Little Daughter of the Snow is a picture book that caught my attention after having read The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey which is based on this Russian fairytale. E immediately fell in love with the idea of a little girl made of snow and she liked the friendship between the girl and the fox. Every time she sees this book she asked for it to be read.  E gives the book 5 stars.

I really enjoyed the fairytale and the illustrations are beautiful. The story is well written and one I don't mind reading multiple times.  There is magic here.  My rating: SmileySmileySmiley

This week's post is abbreviated due to the fact that I'm still working on the format for this feature.  I'm not sure exactly what form I want it to take.  However G and E insisted that these two books get on the blog.  They are so excited that their books are to be included! I just couldn't disappoint them.

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